The Basic Tips of Puppy Training

Puppies are friendly pets to hang around with at home. The joy they bring is invaluable; no wonder a dog is considered as a man’s best friend. Owning puppies is not only a joy to behold, but also a challenge when responding to the new environment. Welcoming puppies in our homes takes more than just enjoying the beautiful and warm environment they bring. In order to have a friendly relationship between you and your puppy, it is significant to offer the right training. Do you often feel overwhelmed by the thought of puppy training? Certainly, training a new puppy is not a walk in the park, but the following basic tips will help you to cordially integrate him into your family.

Paying attention is important

Perhaps you are wondering, who should pay attention to who? You should train your puppy to pay attention to you, in order to succeed in puppy training. A basic way of reinforcing attention from puppies is calling out their names. It takes consistency for a puppy to recognize his name and respond accordingly when called. Calling out the puppy’s name multiple times in a day will go a long way in teaching him to pay attention to you. Be sure to make it fun, otherwise the process might be boring and futile. Whenever you call the puppy’s name, hold a treat by your face to encourage him to respond. If the puppy pays attention to you, then give him the treat. With time, your puppy will begin to pay attention to you, and the energy levels around your home will begin to blossom.

Train your puppy to sit down

Have you ever known that it is easier to communicate with your puppy when he is sited? When a puppy is sited, he is in a relaxed mood and able to pay attention to you. It is easier to give a puppy signals on what to do when he is relaxed. Hence, effective puppy training calls for a puppy to respond well to the “sit down” command. Rewarding your puppy with a treat after responding well to the “sit down” command is a good trick in reinforcing the character.

Train your puppy to come once he is called

It is a very good feeling when a puppy is able to come back when called. Once a puppy learns how to come back when called, you will definitely be reassured that he is able to escape danger whenever you call him. This might seem like a hard task, but it is easier than you think. Since young puppies have the tendency of coming back to their owners, this is the perfect chance to train your puppy. Whenever, your puppy is coming back to you, call his name and say “come”. With consistency on this process, and heaping praise on your puppy whenever he responds positively, your puppy training experience will be full of fun.

Puppy training is not an easy task, but it is certainly not rocket science. With patience, you will be able to train your puppy to become an energetic and intelligent friend. The basic tips will be highly valuable through the amazing journey.

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