Jack Russell Puppies

There are many kinds of dogs and each of them is unique, but the Jack Russell breed is one of the most famous when it comes to personality. It is true that this dog is cute and cuddly considering his petite appearance, but he can be troublesome without training.

Without the right training, the natural characteristics and personality of this breed can become somewhat unmanageable and this must be avoided. However, these qualities will shine and become an asset with the right approach.

These traits of the Jack Russell that needs to be shaped include bossiness, aggressive tendency towards other dogs, high level of energy, and mischievous playfulness. And to help you get around with these personality traits, here are some useful Jack Russell tips for you:

Tip One: Avoid Keeping Other Pets

Jack Russell Puppies have trouble co-existing with other dogs because he will attempt to be the Alpha. This can result in some problems. Co-existing however can still be possible, but this might need some professional effort on your part. You might want to consult with a professional trainer.

Tip Two: Make Use Of His Intelligent Nature

This Jack Russell Tips utilizes the natural smartness of your dog. This breed is one of the most intelligent ones and is very responsive to training. This will also come in good tandem with this dog’s almost boundless energy because he is not likely to tire from rigorous training sessions.

Tip Three: Keep Yourself Strict

The problem with smart dogs is that they will try to test the patience of their trainers or owners once in a while. Such dogs will attempt to test your limits so you should be quick to reinstate who is boss. Do not let your dog get away with messing around or he will think that it is okay.

Tip Four: Start With Puppies

Ask for Jack Russell tips and someone will tell you to get a pup instead of an adult. This is because your puppies are more responsive to training and their attitudes can still be shaped. And although it is possible to train adult dogs successfully, it is more difficult and it will pose many limitations.

Tip Five: Keep An Eye On Him

Even after a successful training, you will still need to keep watch of your Jack Russell especially during times when he is around with other dogs. Although this dog is intelligent, instincts still governs him and his excessive playfulness and aggressiveness towards other dogs may still kick in.

So always keep these Jack Russell Tips up your sleeves. With these, things will go smoother and easier. It will also help to treat your dog like an individual, because he too has a unique personality as humans do.