Important Things To Know About Puppy Biting

The puppies are the most preferred pets by people as they are fun to play with and easy to train. Dogs are people’s best friends and never want to hurt them. No one wants to get a hard biting puppy whatsoever, but sometimes they do come in people’s way. Puppy biting is normal and healthy for them. However, it sometimes becomes too much painful which necessitates an action that shows that biting is unacceptable.

There are two types of puppies when it comes to biting; the aggressive puppies and the play-bite puppies. The aggressive puppies might turn violent and bite hard and this behavior must be stopped as they may attack people when provoked. The play-bite puppies do not cause injuries to people, but sometimes the bite may be too hard and turn to be injurious. The good thing is that, these puppies can be trained not to inflict injuries to people.

Puppies bite people because of various reasons. As puppies are young dogs, they have the behavior of nipping people when playing. Just as dogs nip each other to start a play or show dominance over others, this behavior does not cease just because the puppy is not amongst other canines. Puppies also bite to experiment, protect and investigate things. It’s good to take some caution when you realize that your puppy intends to bite you as it may be painful or infectious. Puppies like any other dog may infect you with dog rabies.

Puppy biting is inhibited through training. First, if the play-bite is painful, yell or produce a sound that will make the puppy realize that the bite was painful. Good puppies will be remorseful and may lick your hand. You should congratulate it when it does this. With consecutive displeased responses, the puppy will learn to play-bite gently. If you want to stop the biting completely, you should train it never to bite you again. You may change the play or use a taste deterrent on your hands and clothes to keep off the biting puppy.

In conclusion, puppy biting may not be harmful, but requires some control to instill a good behavior in one’s dog as it grows. If a puppy goes on biting other people, you may be liable when sued under the dog bite laws.

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